1890 The Lancet  
790 value of wisdom has been the theme of sages and poets in all ages. Aristotle's observation on this subject was that the difference between the ignorant man and the learned man is the difference between the man who is alive and the man who is dead.' " After a vote of thanks had been accorded to the lecturer by Mr. W. H. Tate, the President, Mr. Hutchinson gave a short demonstration of the objective method of teaching from a raised map of India, to show the distribution of leprosy in that
more » ... try, and also demonstrated the infiuence of the fifth nerve in the distribution of the disease from two skulls showing marked exostosis and hyperostosis on all the bones of the face and skull supplied by that nerve on the one side. Both specimens were marked in a similar manner, one of which belonged to Mr. Hutchinson, and the other had been sent 1889 shows that accommodation is provided in the home prisons for 1543, and in the colonies and abroad (not including India) for 564 prisoners. At home there were 3542 men received into the prisons during the year and a daily average of 548 in confinement. In only one instance did the number exceed the accommodation, and that to a very trifling extent. In the prisons abroad the number received was 2720, and the daily average 236. These numbers, however, do not include men confined in provost prisons and cells or in local prisons, and therefore do not represent the amount of offences committed during the year. A return in the appendix shows the number of sentences by court-martial to have been 5647, and minor punishments by commanding officers 114,529 in the army at home, together amounting to 118 per cent. of the strength. These figures show a considerable reduction in the number compared with previous years, but it is impossible to say how much of this has depended on changes in the Army Regulations and how much represents actual diminution of offences.
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