Andrei A. Avram
2010 Journal of Language Contact  
This paper looks at Romanian Pidgin Arabic, a contact language formerly in use on Romanian well sites in various locations in Iraq. The phonology, morphology, syntax and lexicon of the language are described on the basis of a corpus of data collected during fieldwork. The data are discussed in comparison to those from other pidgins, with various lexifier languages. Romanian Pidgin Arabic is shown to exhibit features typical of the so-called pre-pidgins. Also discussed are the implications of
more » ... findings for the study of pidgin and creole languages, in general, and of Arabic-based contact languages in particular. * The assistance of Gunvor Mejdell (University of Oslo) and of an anonymous reviewer, who brought to my attention Naess (2008) and respectively Bakir (to appear), is gratefully acknowledged. I am also grateful for the insightful comments of the two anonymous reviewers. All errors, of course, remain mine.
doi:10.1163/19552629-90000018 fatcat:3gzeq52y5ffujfxz5x6uqvkn6e