Fuzzy Control of a Tensegrity Based Morphing UAV Wing

Michael Jones, Kelly Cohen
2011 Infotech@Aerospace 2011   unpublished
This paper investigates the behavior of a four section spar structure to evaluate the possible advancements in biomimetics made by utilizing tensegrity structures. A SimMechanics model was constructed to study the behavior of the proposed design. It is observed in four separate configurations to see if it can support its own weight. Dynamic responses to a small shock load are also measured. A fuzzy logic controller (FLC) is developed to allow the spar to alter its configuration and maintain
more » ... le flight under varied angles of attack, sideslip, and velocities by altering the sweep angle (Λ), Dihedral (Γ), and Incidence (Θ) angles of the wing. The fuzzy system has three inputs and 3 outputs. The rule base of the fuzzy logic controller is generated using expert knowledge heuristics found in literature. The MATLAB fuzzy logic toolbox and SIM Mechanics was utilized for the modeling and simulation purposes.
doi:10.2514/6.2011-1561 fatcat:mwjeztzmhndi5e2tjklu6mk7j4