Best Practice of Using Digital Business Simulation Games in Business Education

Jindra Peterková, Zuzana Repaská, Lenka Prachařová
2022 Sustainability  
Information technologies play an important role in designing new ways of teaching, and, at the same time, the globalization of the business world affects the quality of human capital that the corporate sector requires. Apart from theoretical business understanding, multidisciplinary knowledge is also needed. Business simulation games belong among suitable educational tools, which are able to respond to contemporary business requirements and the requirements of students. Business simulation
more » ... provide a useful tool for experiential learning by university students studying business programs. For the effective development of students' competencies in economic and managerial fields of study, it is necessary to apply appropriate steps in the implementation of simulation games and to understand the experience of students in the use of games in the teaching process. For that purpose, best practice for business simulation games has been determined. This introduced best practice includes description of the benefits from realized simulation games, from the lecturer point of view. A realized survey focused on the main benefits considered by students who completed the subject Managerial Simulation Game. The students' approach to the implemented simulation games was gradually monitored over the course of five academic years. Research samples contain 148 students from the first year of a master's study program. Our survey showed that the subject is more beneficial for students for their further study than for their future professions. At the same time, the vast majority of students perceive simulation games as a useful and interesting way to verify the dependencies between economic variables. To strengthen analytical skills, it is necessary to introduce tasks that support working with economic data through simulation games. The novelty of the paper consists of mapping the benefits from the implemented simulation games for the student's own person, categorizing the identified benefits into six groups with the same characteristics, and, at the same time, implementing the research for students attending private and public schools.
doi:10.3390/su14158987 fatcat:uxiwto4wqzflpezuhsqphofhem