Diurnal evolution of urban tree temperature at a city scale

Thuy Trang Vo, Leiqiu Hu
2021 Scientific Reports  
AbstractDespite the importance of urban trees' surface temperature in assessing micro-climate interactions between trees and the surrounding environment, their diurnal evolution has been largely understudied at a city-wide scale due to a lack of effective thermal observations. By downscaling ECOSTRESS land surface temperature imaginary over New York City, we provide the first diurnal analysis of city-scale canopy temperature. Research reveals a remarkable spatial variation of the canopy
more » ... ure during daytime up to 5.6 K (standard deviation, STD), while the nighttime STD remains low at 1.7 K. Further, our analysis shows that the greenspace coverage and distance to bluespaces play an important role in cooling the local canopy during daytime, explaining 25.0–41.1% of daytime spatial variation of canopy temperatures while surrounding buildings modulate canopy temperature asymmetrically diurnally: reduced daytime warming and reduced nocturnal cooling. Built on space-borne observations and a flexible yet robust statistical method, our research design can be easily transferable to explore urban trees' response to local climate across cities, highlighting the potentials of advancing the science and technologies for urban forest management.
doi:10.1038/s41598-021-89972-0 pmid:34006981 fatcat:av7hlpuovndwbow4yeveh4vy34