High Gradient Wakefields in Dielectric Loaded Structures

M. E. Conde, S. Antipov, F. Franchini, W. Gai, F. Gao, C. Jing, R. Konecny, W. Liu, J. G. Power, H. Wang, Z. Yusof
2006 AIP Conference Proceedings  
Dielectric loaded wakefield structures have potential to be used as high gradient accelerator components. Using the high current drive beam at the Argonne Wakefield Accelerator Facility, we employed cylindrical dielectric loaded wakefield structures to generate accelerating fields of up to 100 MV/m. Short electron bunches (13 ps FWHM) of up to 86 nC are used to drive these fields, either as single bunches or as bunch trains. These tested standing-wave structures have a field probe near the
more » ... edge of the dielectric to sample the RF fields generated by the electron bunches. Monitoring of these high intensity RF fields serves to verify the absence of electric breakdown. Similar cylindrical dielectric loaded structures are used as power extractors, that is, traveling wave structures from which the RF power generated by the drive beam is efficiently coupled out.
doi:10.1063/1.2409144 fatcat:gwiy5gyh2bbfto5svqzimjbhte