The Marshall Islands Elections of 2007/08 [article]

Jon Fraenkel, University, The Australian National
The Republic of the Marshall Islands Presidential election of 7 January 2008 ended eight years of government under the United Democratic Party (UDP), led by Kessai Note, and brought into office a new government led by former Speaker, Litokwa Tomeing. The transition signals the end of one of the Pacific's few governments that rose to power on an explicit 'good governance' ticket, emphasising transparency, opposition to corruption and greater accountability. The election has repercussions for the
more » ... percussions for the American missile-defence test site on Kwajalein and for the Marshall Islands 'Compact of Free Association' with the United States. It also potentially had implications for the country's linkages with Taiwan; new President Litokwa Tomeing threatened to switch ties from Taipei to Beijing on the campaign trail prior to the election.
doi:10.25911/5f20065dcbf51 fatcat:vppc47atnrbardzqbykm5okbp4