Emilio Elias ABDO, Estela Regina Ramos FIGUEIRA, Joel Avancini ROCHA-FILHO, Eleazar CHAIB, Luiz Augusto Carneiro D'ALBUQUERQUE, Telesforo BACCHELLA
2017 Arquivos de Gastroenterologia  
BACKGROUND Ischemia/reperfusion causes organ damage but it is mandatory in hepatic transplantation, trauma and other complex liver surgeries, when Pringle maneuver is applied to minimize bleeding during these procedures. It is well known that liver ischemia/reperfusion leads to microcirculatory disturbance and cellular injury. In this setting hypothermia is known to reduce oxygen demand, lowering intracellular metabolism. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effects of hypothermia in liver
more » ... iver ischemia/reperfusion injury, using a new model of topic isolated liver hypothermia. METHODS We used male Wistar rats weighting about 250 grams, kept in ad libitum feeding regime and randomly divided into two groups of nine animals: 1) Normothermic group, rats were submitted to normothermic ischemia of the median and left hepatic lobes, with subsequent resection of right and caudate lobes during liver reperfusion; and 2) Hypothermic group, rats were submitted to liver ischemia under hypothermia at 10°C. Liver ischemia was performed for 45 minutes. The animals were euthanized 48 hours after liver reperfusion for blood and liver tissue sampling. RESULTS The transaminases analyses showed a significant decrease of AST and ALT in Hypothermic group (P<0.01) compared to Normothermic group (1403±1234 x 454±213 and 730±680 x 271±211 U/L, respectively). Histology showed severe necrosis in 50% and mild necrosis in 50% of cases in Normothermic group, but severe necrosis in 10% and mild or absent necrosis 90% of the cases in hypothermic group. CONCLUSION: A simplified model of liver ischemia/reperfusion that simulates orthotopic liver autotransplantion was demonstrated. Topical hypothermia of isolated hepatic lobules showed liver protection, being a viable and practical method for any kind of in vivo liver preservation study.
doi:10.1590/s0004-2803.201700000-30 pmid:28723980 fatcat:q255q7jb4fejjlhzutqrzkxxam