International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies 2017; 5(1): 268-273 Earthworm amino acids and effect of 3 different forms of earthworm (meal, frozen and living) on growth, feed utilization and survival rate of African Snakehead fingerlings (Parachanna obscura) reared in captivity

Vodounnou Ds, Juste Vital, Emile Fiogbe, Didier, Vodounnou Ds, Juste Vital, Diane Kpogue, Guy Ns, Fiogbe Apollinaire, Didier
2016 unpublished
The earthworm amino acids and the effect of earthworm ingredient form were investigated on African snakehead fingerlings (Parachanna obscura) reared in captivity for 42 days. Feed utilization, growth parameters, whole body composition and survival rate were measured. A total of 180 fingerlings of Parachanna obscura (mean weight: 2.77± 0.15g) were provided by the Laboratory of Wetland Research. The fingerlings were fed with diet containing earthworm meal, frozen and living form. The fish were
more » ... red in 15 circular tanks whose volume were 90 l each, at a density of 20 fingerlings per tank and feed was distributed at a rate of 5.01 (fish biomass)-0.23. The different earthworm ingredient forms affect the growth performance, feed utilization and whole body composition (P<0.05) of P. obscura. The living and meal form of the earthworm gave the best results in terms of growth parameters and whole body composition compared to the frozen form.