Ship Motions in Shallow Water As the Base for a Probabilistic Approach Policy

Marc Vantorre, Erik Laforce, Katrien Eloot, Jan Richter, Jeroen Verwilligen, Evert Lataire
2008 Volume 6: Nick Newman Symposium on Marine Hydrodynamics; Yoshida and Maeda Special Symposium on Ocean Space Utilization; Special Symposium on Offshore Renewable Energy   unpublished
A calculation tool has been developed for determining tidal windows for deep-drafted ships approaching and leaving the Belgian harbors according to probabilistic criteria. The calculations are based on a database containing response functions for the vertical motions in waves and squat data for a selection of representative ships. The database contains both results of model tests carried out in the Towing tank for maneuvers in shallow water -co-operation Flanders Hydraulics Research & Ghent
more » ... ersity in Antwerp (Belgium), as well as calculated values. During the experiments, draft, trim, under keel clearance (7 to 20% of draft) and speed have been varied. The tests were performed in regular waves with lengths which are small compared to ship length, and in wave spectra that are typical for the Belgian coastal area. For given input data (ship characteristics, speed, tide, directional wave spectra, bottom, trajectory, current, departure time), the tool calculates the probability of bottom touch during the transit, so that a tidal window can be determined. Other restrictions, such as penetration into fluid mud layers and current, are taken into account as well.
doi:10.1115/omae2008-57912 fatcat:nd2end6cbrd3de2nkqawxmfyjy