Dependency Framework for Marathi Parser

Yogesh Umale, Yogesh Vijay, Umale
2016 unpublished
This paper describes the Framework of Dependency Grammar for Marathi Parser. Dependency grammar is a grammar formalism, which is a capture direct relations between word to word in the sentence. The parser is a tools, which is automatic analysis sentence and draw a syntactic tree of sentence. The grammar formalism is mechanism to developing parser. Today in filed of computational linguistics, natural language processing and artificial intelligent have two kind of grammar formalism which is
more » ... structure grammar and Dependency grammar. Both grammar formalism have their own limitation to developing a parser. In this paper I will use computational Panini grammar approach of dependency grammar. Computational Panini grammar has 37 dependency tag-set and those tag-sets are useful to annotate the Indian languages such as Hindi, Telugu and Bangla. However, I have to examine those dependency tag-set to Marathi and annotate a corpus which is useful to develop a Marathi parser. To annotate data I have use an Anno-Corp Guidelines, which develop by IIIT, Hyderabad. According to guidelines the relations are three types karaka relations, which is mark as k1,k2,k3,k4,k5 and k7, non-karaka relations which marked as r6,r6-k1,r6-k2,rt,rd,rh,ras_k*, adv, and other relations such as relative clauses.