Two- and three-pion finite-volume spectra at maximal isospin from lattice QCD [article]

Ben Hörz, Andrew Hanlon
2019 arXiv   pre-print
We present the three-pion spectrum with maximum isospin in a finite volume determined from lattice QCD, including, for the first time, excited states across various irreducible representations at zero and nonzero total momentum, in addition to the ground states in these channels. The required correlation functions, from which the spectrum is extracted, are computed using a newly implemented algorithm which reduces the number of operations, and hence speeds up the computation by more than an
more » ... r of magnitude. The results for the I = 3 three-pion and the I = 2 two-pion spectrum are publicly available, including all correlations, and can be used to test the available three-particle finite-volume approaches to extracting three-pion interactions.
arXiv:1905.04277v1 fatcat:olp42fsxvrhelmzhn4rvjki5su