Analysis and design of current regulators using complex vectors

F. Briz, M.W. Degner, R.D. Lorenz
IAS '97. Conference Record of the 1997 IEEE Industry Applications Conference Thirty-Second IAS Annual Meeting  
The analysis and design of current regulators for multiphase ac loads is presented using complex vector notation. The use of complex vector notation provides a way of comparing the performance of controller topologies through their complex vector root locus and complex vector frequency-response functions. Limitations in the performance of the synchronous frame proportional plus integral current regulator are outlined and several ways of improving its performance are suggested and investigated.
more » ... and investigated. Index Terms-Complex vector controls analysis, complex vector frequency response, complex vector root locus, current regulators, synchronous frame regulators. ). Publisher Item Identifier S 0093-9994(00)04394-2. Fernando Briz (A'96-M'99) received the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the
doi:10.1109/ias.1997.629052 fatcat:oqyd6vjl4za5vpxh76m2q4mvhq