Two-Way Coupling FSI Approach to Inertial Focusing Dynamics Under Dean Flow Patterns in Asymmetric Serpentines [post]

Eric Pedrol, Jaume Massons, Francesc Díaz, Magdalena Aguiló
2018 unpublished
The dynamics of a spherical particle in an asymmetric serpentine is studied by finite element method (FEM) simulations in a physically unconstrained system. The two-way coupled time dependent solutions illustrate the path of the particle along a curve where a secondary flow (Dean flow) has developed. The simulated conditions were adjusted to match those of an experiment for which particles were focused under inertial focusing conditions. The obtained rotational modes allowed to infer the
more » ... ce of the local flow around the particle. We propose a new approach to find the decoupled secondary flow contribution employing a quasi-Stokes flow.
doi:10.20944/preprints201808.0114.v1 fatcat:c4x6lwli2jcolingnkoogewl4u