A proposed Australian transition to an anhydrous ammonia fuel transport economy to replace liquid petroleum fuels

R. G. Boothroyd
2014 Energy and Sustainability V   unpublished
Synthetically-manufactured ammonia fuel is proposed for distribution throughout Australia when we need to replace future diminishing petroleum resources. In the interim this would be derived from natural gas resources using the Haber Bosch process, leading to a progressive transition to 100% energy resourcing from sustainable electrical energy. Future 'stranded' energy resources are considered in remote rural areas in addition to large-scale fuel manufacture near urban areas. The integration of
more » ... local transport fuel manufacture with increased rooftop photovoltaic air conditioning is examined for outback areas now suffering from excessive summer temperatures. Minimal effects on the existing electricity grid are expected. It is also proposed to replace the present long-distance commercial road transport trucking industry with a fleet of ammonia-inflated airships.
doi:10.2495/esus140381 fatcat:6lvbopo2ezbzff7sjnhnsofquq