Scholar Critic Inculcating Self Assessment of Listening Skills in L2 Learners

S Gandhimathi, V Devi
The learners of the digital era are always engaged in their social networks. They spend most of their time in getting more number of likes from the people all over the world. They send SMS and pretend to listen to the lectures in the classroom, simultaneously. They have an aversion towards academic listening. So, it is necessary for the teacher to focus on academic listening by integrating various tasks and assess their listening ability with the help of technology in the classroom. Since
more » ... ing the learning abilities is one of the most important areas of language teaching, the teacher should apply the listening framework, that is, language competence and strategic competence, to test the listening ability of the second language learner. This study consists of tasks based on the resources. The tasks will help in testing the basic language skills and their ability to understand implied meaning, and to make inferences. The basic language skills include the test of vocabulary, grammar and discourse knowledge. The paper focuses on how to go about designing listening tasks and inculcating self assessing habit among learners.