Apartment Building Electricity System Impact of Operational Electric Vehicle Charging Strategies

Juan Van Roy, Niels Leemput, Frederik Geth, Robbe Salenbien, Jeroen Buscher, Johan Driesen
2014 IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy  
This paper discusses the charging of multiple plugin hybrid electric vehicles in an apartment building, equipped with a photovoltaic system. Different charging strategies and charging power ratings are examined, which are assessed in terms of their grid impact, the self-consumption of local electricity generation and the electric driving range. The impact of a residential building, which incorporates EV charging, on the distribution grid can be significantly reduced by using simple EV charging
more » ... simple EV charging strategies. These strategies include complementing nighttime with daytime charging, peak shaving at vehicle level and charging the surplus of local generation. Effective results are obtained using only knowledge of the present battery state of charge, next departure time and the instantaneous local generation surplus. The simultaneity of the EV charging and the photovoltaic production increases. The increase in electric driving range is negligible for three-phase charging.
doi:10.1109/tste.2013.2281463 fatcat:bwsk5y4wwvdjpm6qa5iqkjrrm4