Environmental Noise Mapping as a Smart Urban Tool Development [chapter]

Konstantinos Vogiatzis, Nicolas Remy
2019 Smart Urban Development [Working Title]  
Since the European Directive 2002/49, large transportation infrastructure along with large urban areas should have completed strategic noise maps (SNM) and the relative noise action plans (NAP). The majority of European Member States (MS) has enforced this directive and completed fully or, in some cases, partially, with European smart cities to use and share the same criteria and methodologies and along with transport operators to communicate to the public the relevant results and respective
more » ... ion plans by ensuring the citizen's awareness about the environmental noise, the quality acoustic environment, and their effect to their professional and everyday lifestyle. Today, 18 years after its first edition, the European Directive 2002/49/EC is needed to be reformulated to take into account all defects that have been identified and to adapt as well as possible to contemporary constraints. New methodology tools have been developed especially regarding soundscaping and environmental acoustic rehabilitation of urban areas, and the respective chapter will describe the progress being made on these smart developments of cities and infrastructures. This chapter will also evoke criticisms of these smart tools and will present results from severalstate of the art-case studies especially regarding the practical and theoretical limits they face.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.88449 fatcat:qvmekhrgenaavdq5sohw36bvlm