Quantitative Evaluation of Some Phenolic Compounds in the leaf of Syzigium cumini

Maheshwari, Rothe, Dhobale, D Dhale
2016 unpublished
A rapid method has been developed for doing the quantitative estimation of phenolic compounds present in the leaves of Syzigium cumini L. (Family-Myrtaceae). The alcoholic extraction of stem was subjected for the quantitative estimation of these compounds. The alcoholic extract of S. cumini was prepared by the maceration using ethanol followed by quantitative estimation of phenolics compounds by visible spectroscopy. The results reveal the presence of 5900 µg/g of total phenols, 940 µg/g of
more » ... ls, 940 µg/g of ortho-dihydric phenols, 680 µg/g of quinones, 740 µg/g of flavonols and 650 µg/g of tannins respectively in the stem of C. quadrangularis. Thus, the therapeutic potential of C. quadrangularis may be due to these phytochemicals.