Effect of phonon-bath dimensionality on the spectral tuning of single-photon emitters in the Purcell regime

Yannick Chassagneux, Adrien Jeantet, Théo Claude, Christophe Voisin
2018 Physical review B  
We develop a theoretical frame to investigate the single-photon emission spectral efficiency of a solid-state nano-emitter embedded in a high quality factor micro-cavity. This study encompasses the case of localized excitons embedded in a one, two or three-dimensional matrix. The populations evolutions are calculated based on a spin-boson model, using the non-interacting blip approximation (NIBA). We find that the single-photon spectral efficiency of the cavity-coupled emitter can be expressed
more » ... y a simple formula, taking as inputs the free-space emission and absorption spectra of the emitter as well as the loss rates of the system. In other words, the information on the interaction between the exciton and the phonon bath, encoded in the free-space behavior of the emitter, is sufficient to obtain the dynamics of the system in the cavity. We compute numerically the spectral efficiency for several types of localized emitters and show distinct behaviors depending on the phonon bath dimensionality. In particular, a pronounced asymmetric energy exchange between the emitter and the cavity on the side-bands can yield a considerable extension of the tuning range of the sources through phonon-assisted cavity feeding.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.97.205124 fatcat:ob6ssoz6dba4tcmb7gsmhzqzuy