The management of brain tumors at children

Angela Leanca, Children Clinical Hospital "V. Ignatenco", Republic of Moldova
2021 Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. Medical Sciences  
Brain tumors are a severe form of pathologies, that are more common in children and it is associated with hydrocephali. The long term effects of central nervous system therapy for children with brain tumors have been the subject of research since the 1970. Many studies have demonstrated that children treated for brain tumors with surgery and standard radiation therapy have developed intellectual decline which is progressive over at least a decade. Risk factors for the cognitive deterioration
more » ... e been identified and include: perioperative complications, hydrocephalus, high radiation dose, large volume radiation, chemotherapy (especially methotrexate), vasculopaty and young age at the time of treatment. The purpose of research: Study of surgical treatment applied to children with brain tumors hydrocephalus by implementing and perfecting the surgical treatment. Material and methods: We used data of 2018-2019 period, in the Children Clinical Hospital "V. Ignatenco", of the Republic of Moldova, which shows the structure of morbidity through malign and benign tumors with associated hydrocephalus at prematures population. Results: Since 2018-2019 were diagnosed 13 children. The average age was: 1 child(0,76 %) 0-1 years old, 5 children (38,46 %) 2-5 years old, 2 children (15,38 %) 6-10 years old and 5 children (38,46 %)11-17 years old. From 13 children, 2 children (15,38 %) were inoperable. The incidence was 10 boys (76,92%) and 3 girls (23,07%). There were complications: malign hipertermia, anemia, cranial nerves damages (facial asymmetry, palpebral ptosis), hemiparesis, intraventricular bleeding. Conclusions: The morbidity was common in boys, average age was 2-5 and 11-17 years old. Chidrenswere operated in two ways. There were complications since intraoperatory and postoperatory period.
doi:10.52692/1857-0011.2021.2-70.14 fatcat:7odwcj2dsrbcdbo5ce2ymrg5wa