Theoretical investigation of electric transmission systems under short circuit conditions

I. W. Gross
1915 Proceedings of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers  
OF PAPER The following features of a transmission system under shortcircuit conditions are discussed: 1. Mechanical forces between the phases of three-conductor, three-phase cables when carrying short-circuit current; also the forces between busbars are investigated. 2. The heating of the conductors of the cable from the instant of short circuit to a time 0.8 seconds later is traced analytically, during the transient state of the current, and typical computed heating curves are presented. The
more » ... re presented. The effectiveness of the method of placing reactors between generator terminals and the bus from which power is taken, and additional reactors between generators and an auxiliary synchronizing bus, is analyzed. 4. This scheme is compared with the present well-recognized schemes of feeder and busbar reactors.
doi:10.1109/paiee.1915.6590117 fatcat:ks4wvta7zzgdxnafahzhpoepi4