N. M. Boiko
2013 Biotechnologia Acta  
The main tasks of modern biopharmaceutics are focused at the development of new nanoscale carriers with low toxicity, given size, regulated response to local and remote effects, and capability of visualization of drug action and diagnostic results. A novel oligomeric carrier VAMANG-MP for delivery of the anticancer drug doxorubicin to tumor cells of different lines have been used. The synthesized oligomeric carrier was additionally functionalized by phosphatitylcholine. It was demonstrated that
more » ... such delivery of doxorubicin to the target cells permits 10 times decreasing of its acting cytotoxic dose comparing with such dose of free doxorubicin, with preserving similar level of the antineoplastic effect. This dose-specific effect was demonstrated both in vitro towards various mammalian tumor cells, and in vivo towards mice with experimental NK/Ly lymphoma was shown. Action of immobilized doxorubicin was followed by more intense formation of vesicles on a surface of the target cells in vitro, and by their inter-nucleosomal DNA fragmentation as compared to action of free doxorubicin, as well as by appearance of a higher amount of the dead cells in the ascytic fluid of the treated NK/Ly lymphoma mice. Thus, the synthesized nanoscale olygoelectrolytic carrier is a perspective system for delivery of anticancer drugs to target cells.
doi:10.15407/biotech6.03.053 fatcat:tp33u4hrhvgyjglpm75knt2a6a