Effects of Microwave Radiation on the Moisture Content and Subsequent Aerobic Composting of Pig Manure
돼지분뇨에 마이크로파 반응시간에 따른 호기성 퇴비화 과정에서 수분증발량 및 특성변화에 관한 연구

Jung-Hoon Kwag, Kwang-Hwa Jeong, Dong-Yoon Choi, Jung-Gon Kim, Duk-Woo Han, Man-Hee Han, Young-Hee Yoo, Chang-Six La
2013 Journal of Animal Environmental Science  
In this experiment, we hypothesized that pre-conditioning pig manure with microwave radiation can effectively eliminate moisture and consequently, cut down a need for expensive sawdust. For the experiment, pig manure/sawdust mixture of water content 79% was divided into 4 groups and each of them were treated with microwave for predetermined time periods, 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes. Subsequently, they were transferred to chambers (20 L) and aerobically composted. During the 2 weeks composting, air
more » ... supplied using blower (150 L per 1 m 3 ) and temperature and other variables were monitored continuously. When the data were analyzed, it was found, (1) moisture content was significantly decreased as radiation period extended. (2) weight reduction of compost after completion of composting was noticeably bigger in 15 min radiated group(31%), compared with 5 min (24.6%), 10 min (21.4%), 20 min (27.2%) radiated groups. (
doi:10.11109/jaes.2013.19.2.109 fatcat:n4kejidinnewpkicujyocdbp7y