Kinetic Motilities of Cryopreserved Bull Spermatozoa: Owing to the Effect of Eurycoma longifolia Jack Aqueous Extract

Falah Hasan Baiee, Abd Wahid Haron, Rosnina Haji Yusoff, Mohamed Ariff Omar, Nurhusien Yimer, Zaid Jeber, Salman Hammadi, Tarig Aldelrouf Ahmedeltayeb, Wan-Nor Fitri, Muhammad Umar
2017 American Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences  
This study was carried out to improve the kinetic motilities of frozen-thawed bull semen diluted with tris-based egg yolk diluent that was supplemented with Eurycoma longifolia jack aqueous extract. A total of 24 ejaculates were obtained from six cross-bred bulls using an electro-ejaculator. The extract of Eurycoma longifolia jack was distributed into three low doses and three high doses; cryopreserved samples were evaluated into three different times to confirm the results of kinetic
more » ... f kinetic motilities through different times and between groups. Path velocity (VAP µm/s), progress velocity (VSL µm/s), track speed (VCL µm/s), lateral amplitude (ALH µm/s), Beat Frequency (BCF Hz), straightness (STR %), linearity (LIN %), were evaluated three different times using Computer-assisted sperm analysis. Results revealed that the percentage of VAP, ASL and VCL were higher (p<0.05) in the frozen-thawed semen group supplemented with 5 mg mL −1 Eurycoma longifolia jack extract (73.19±1.91, 58.34±2.06 and 117.91±2.68 in first evaluation, then 74.22±2.06, 57.45±1.72 and 118.92±2.55 in second evaluation and 72.95±2.27, 56.75±1.30 and 119.07±3.54 in third evaluation; respectively). In conclusion, Eurycoma longifolia Jack aqueous extract supplementation to the semen diluent at 5 mg mL −1 significantly improved sperm kinetic motilities of frozen-thawed bull semen.
doi:10.3844/ajavsp.2017.77.84 fatcat:wiobjndnknfthkxtjrwq3uvahu