Paper-based Chemiluminescence Device with Co-Fe Nanocubes for Sensitive Detection of Caffeic Acid

Liu ZHANG, Yue HOU, Xiaoyan GUO, Wei LIU, Congcong LV, Xing PENG, Zixuan ZHANG
2020 Analytical Sciences  
In this work, a new chemiluminescence (CL) system of Co-Fe prussian blue analogs nanocubes (Co-Fe PBA NCs) that can catalyze luminol to produce strong CL in the absence of H2O2 was established. Co-Fe PBA NCs have the property of oxidase-like activity, and it can catalyze the generation of active oxygen radicals in a dissolved oxygen system. Since caffeic acid (CA) can remove reactive oxygen species in the system, a sensitive detection method for CA on a paper-based chip was developed. Under the
more » ... optimal conditions, this method showed a good linear response to CA in the range of 10 -800 ng mL -1 with a limit of 3 ng mL -1 . The proposed method had been used for the determination of CA in tea samples. The results may open a new avenue for the catalytic property on luminol CL system without extra oxidants.
doi:10.2116/analsci.20p229 pmid:32863334 fatcat:nitz2zsb7za4rhvwibspsbzerq