Eulerian Time-Domain Filtering for Spatial LES [chapter]

C. David Pruett
1999 Fluid Mechanichs and its Application  
Eulerian time-domain filtering _to be appropriate for LES of flows whose large coherent structures con_t approximately at a common characteristic velocity; e.g., _ h_ jets, and wakes. For these flows, we develop an approach to LES _ on an explicit second-order digital Butterworth filter, which is applied inthe time domain in an Eulerian context. The approach is validated thrg_ugh a p_on and a poaterior_ analyses of the simulated flow of a heated, _bsonic, axisymmetric jet.
doi:10.1007/978-94-011-4513-8_31 fatcat:axmw7jz2zncz7gyu6iuej6dg5e