İskandinav Mimarlığında Estetik: Plastik ve Anlamsal Biçim Analizi

Beyza Onur Işıkoğlu
2019 Tarih Kültür ve Sanat Araştırmaları Dergisi  
The concept of aesthetics is a relative concept which has a wide area in its subject and can vary according to society and time. The concept of aesthetics in architecture reflects the objective and semantic structure of architecture. This concept is also important for establishing a judicial system. In other words, it is a value system that determines format and content. Aesthetic criteria, when adopted by society, constitute a common taste and an understanding of art. This concept, which is
more » ... o defined as social taste, also expresses a cultural value and the architectural aesthetic understanding of each society is shaped according to various factors and gains meaning. In this context, the concept and understanding of aesthetics are discussed through examples of Scandinavian architecture. For this reason, firstly the general character and social structure of the Scandinavian countries are introduced and traditional-modern architectural styles of these countries are discussed. Then, the plastic form analysis of Scandinavian aesthetics (mass-space effect, color, use of light, contrast effect, measure, scale and ratio, rhythm) and semantic form analysis (use of metaphors, social symbols and codes in architecture) were examined. Thus, the factors that create data for the aesthetics of Scandinavian architecture were determined and which formal and semantic factors were used in the aesthetic understanding adopted in Scandinavian architecture were determined.
doi:10.7596/taksad.v8i3.1658 fatcat:tpyub3t7w5bzvfbrt6egygz2kq