Challenges in NoSQL-Based Distributed Data Storage: A Systematic Literature Review

Ramzan, Bajwa, Kazmi, Amna
2019 Electronics  
Key-Value stores (KVSs) are the most flexible and simplest model of NoSQL databases, which have become highly popular over the last few years due to their salient features such as availability, portability, reliability, and low operational cost. From the perspective of software engineering, the chief obstacle for KVSs is to achieve software quality attributes (consistency, throughput, latency, security, performance, load balancing, and query processing) to ensure quality. The presented research
more » ... is a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) to find the state-of-the-art research in the KVS domain, and through doing so determine the major challenges and solutions. This work reviews the 45 papers between 2010–2018 that were found to be closely relevant to our study area. The results show that performance is addressed in 31% of the studies, consistency is addressed in 20% of the studies, latency and throughput are addressed in 16% of the studies, query processing is addressed in 13% of studies, security is addressed in 11% of the studies, and load balancing is addressed in 9% of the studies. Different models are used for execution. The indexing technique was used in 20% of the studies, the hashing technique was used in 13% of the studies, the caching and security techniques were used together in 9% of the studies, the batching technique was used in 5% of the studies, the encoding techniques and Paxos technique were used together in 4% of the studies, and 36% of the studies used other techniques. This systematic review will enable researchers to design key-value stores as efficient storage. Regarding future collaborations, trust and privacy are the quality attributes that can be addressed; KVS is an emerging facet due to its widespread popularity, opening the way to deploy it with proper protection.
doi:10.3390/electronics8050488 fatcat:oweb7lhcabcqzahdg2ijwbiqqm