Survivalist Entrepreneurship: An Income Generating Alternative for the Unemployed populace

Kgantsho Adeline Ranyane
2015 Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences  
A survivalist business is a type of business that is not considered to have a potential to generate income and to provide employment. The existence of such businesses is often crushed by literature as they are perceived to be businesses that are doomed for failure. Furthermore, governments around the world fail to support and recognize their existence within their structures. This paper highlights the ability of the survivalist businesses to generate jobs for family members as well as income
more » ... t improves their socio-economic status. The sample in the study consisted of 100 survivalist entrepreneurs from the five districts of the Free State province, South Africa. Heterogeneity sampling was used in the absence of a sample frame. Using a T-Test, the monthly income of the participants was compared to the minimum wage rate set by the government to be earned by employees, stipulated in the South African minimum wages as set out in the basic conditions of employment act no. 11 of 2002, particularly focusing on the amendments of sectoral determination 9: wholesale and retail sector in South Africa. A correlation matrix was utilized to investigate the reason for indulging into the survivalist businesses. Results indicated that the mean monthly income of the survivalist entrepreneurs was more than that stipulated in the basic conditions of employment act. Their educational qualifications were above the standard set by the existing literature. It was concluded that survivalist enterprises are an income and job generating alternative for the unemployed populace.
doi:10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n4p301 fatcat:zmrcbzu62bbxtoj4cwnjqvt47e