Ideology and Endogenous Constitutions

Alessandro Riboni
2009 Social Science Research Network  
A legislature has to reach a collective decision in either of two states of nature. In the ...rst state, legislators vote over an ideological issue. In this state, legislators may not vote for the pragmatic (optimal) policy and, instead, con...rm voters'ideological bias. In the second state, the legislature handles an issue that is not ideologically charged. We ...nd the optimal majority rule under the veil of ignorance. The chosen majority rule a¤ ects (i) the nature and quality of policy
more » ... lity of policy reforms, (ii) the probability that changes are made (iii) the incentives of legislators with ideological constituencies to become agenda setter. We ...nd that in some cases the optimal majority rule is hump-shaped with respect to ideological polarization. Finally, we test some of our theoretical predictions. JEL Classi...cation: D7, D02.
doi:10.2139/ssrn.1355590 fatcat:mekmhfknzrcxddcdihrjebugxq