Nguyen Thanh Hien
2018 Zenodo  
Correction is widely seen in education as essential for both encouraging and consolidating learning, and this importance has also been recognized by those working in the field of second language writing. This study is conducted in an attempt to investigate the effectiveness of peer correction on students" writing ability with the main focus on sentence structure. In order to achieve the desired aim, in a class at HUFI, the researcher conducted an action research in which 40 students" writings
more » ... re carefully examined. During two months, the findings on student writing analysis provide the researcher with a sastifacory answer on peer correction as the finding results proved that peer correction really brings the effectiveness to the development of students" writing skill. In general, most the students can point out and correct the mistakes quite well. Besides, they have a positive attitude towards peer correction in improving their writing ability and would like to apply it more in the future. However, there are still some aspects which this paper has not gone through. The researcher has sketched out some recommendations so as to help the later researchers cover this topic with deeper and broader consideration for future studies
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3355434 fatcat:tjir5wmt3ne2vprhyj3byo4eye