How do Specific Conditions Shape Values of Undergraduate Early Childhood Education Students in Slovenia?

Marta Licardo
2021 Nova prisutnost  
The purpose of the study is to examine the early childhood education students' values and what are the differences in the students' values in specific conditions related to social environment. The values of undergraduate students who study early childhood education are very important for professional development and practice. The purpose of this study is to determine, if their values change during their study programme; which values are more important to the students; and what are the
more » ... s in the students' values in terms of the type of study (full time/part time), years of study, age, work experience and work status. Results indicate that employed students have higher scores on other-centred values than unemployed students, older students express more others-centred values than younger students, while in self-centred values there are no age differences. Students who have more work experience express more others-centred values and students who study longer express more others-centred values than fresh students, while in self-centred values differences by years of study do not occur. These results reveal important changes in the hierarchy of values related to measured variables and interplay between various conditions.
doi:10.31192/np.19.3.4 fatcat:ejhscwpeu5fztoybqsv45dokxm