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Sunita Parihar, Manisha Rathore, Vineet Soni
2017 Online International Journal Available at   unpublished
Water shortage is a critical problem touching plant growth and yield in arid and semi-arid region. Photosynthesis is one of the key processes to be affected by water deficits, via decreased CO 2 diffusion to the chloroplast and metabolic constraints. Understanding the physiological basis of drought tolerance will be helpful in can play a major role in stabilizing crop performance under drought and in the protection of natural vegetation. The functional state of photosynthetic apparatus is a
more » ... apparatus is a useful physiological indicator to study the sensibility of plants to environmental stresses. Therefore, present investigation was carried out to evaluate the drought-induced changes in photosynthetic apparatus of Triticum aestivum L. variety GW-366. Drought stress induced a significant decrease in the maximum quantum yield of primary photochemistry (F v /F m) and electron transport system in thylakoid membrane. On the other hand, light harvesting complexes of plants were found highly tolerant against drought condition. The results also reveal that the polyphasic chlorophyll fluorescence OJIP technique can be beneficial for screening various varieties of crop plants against different biotic and abiotic stresses.