Numerical Simulation of Rod-Plate Gap Streamer Discharge in SF6/N2Gas Mixtures Based on ETG-FCT Method

Min Li, Feng Wang, Fang Fang Zhao, Song Zhi Xu, Jing Min Fan, Xiao Lin Chen, Chi Zhi Huang
2015 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
The Euler-Taylor-Galerkin flux-corrected transport (ETG-FCT) algorithm for the numerical solution of particle transport equations is described, based on the method developed by Lohner to solve conservation equations in fluid mechanics, and its application is extended to gas discharge problems. To improve the efficiency of computing and reduce numerical error, the nonuniform triangular mesh method is introduced, and the continuity equation is solved by ETG-FCT. The new contributions in this
more » ... include the development of the ETG scheme and its application to rod-plate gap streamer discharge in 50~50% SF6/N2gas mixtures problems. Results are obtained: the spatial distributions of electron densities, positive ion densities, negative ion densities, photoelectron densities, and the electric field, respectively. The velocities of streamer propagations and the radius of streamer obtained from the proposed model are in good agreement with experimental and simulation results in literature. The results also prove that the ETG-FCT method is valid.
doi:10.1155/2015/372321 fatcat:h7agggoj6jdovhode32fqnp4h4