The fundamental group of the orbit space

Hawete Hattab
2015 Annals of the West University of Timisoara: Mathematics and Computer Science  
Let G be a subgroup of the group Homeo(X) of homeomorphisms of a topological space X. Let $\bar G$ be the closure of G in Homeo(X). The class of an orbit O of G is the union of all orbits having the same closure as O. We denote by $X/\widetildeG$ the space of classes of orbits called the orbit class space. In this paper, we study the fundamental group of the spaces X/G, $X/\bar G$ and $X/\widetildeG$
doi:10.1515/awutm-2015-0015 fatcat:zi4di6hqufcgniglwdpmioytca