Seismic Performance of Irregular Building with different Variable sliding isolators and Semi active Dampers

Ajay Sharma, Sudhir Soni
2022 Proceedings of the 12th Structural Engineering Convention, SEC 2022: Themes 1-2  
The comparative performances of semiactive friction and stiffness dampers with different control laws in the base-isolated Irregular building subjected to bi-directionally acting strong earthquakes have been studied. The Irregular building is hybridly isolated with rubber bearings and friction pendulum system (FPS) or variable frequency pendulum isolator (VFPI) or variable curvature friction pendulum system (VCFPS). The shear type base-isolated Irregular building is modeled as three-dimensional
more » ... linear elastic structure having three degrees-of-freedom at each floor level. Time domain dynamic analysis of the building has been carried out with the help of constant average acceleration Newmark-Beta method and non-linear isolation forces has been taken care by fourth-order Runge-Kutta method. The effects of variation of characteristic properties of semiactive dampers on their hysteresis loops and on the structural response of Irregular building is studied through parametric study. Comparative performances of different semiactive dampers with sliding isolation systems for seismic control of Irregular building have been observed through time history plots and peak response performance indices. It has been found that semiactive electromagnetic friction damper work efficiently with VFPI and VCFPS in comparison FPS for the Irregular building for near field earthquakes as it not only reduces base displacement at lower control force but also give lower base shear and story drift in base-isolated Irregular building. The control laws based on modulated homogeneous friction control semiactive friction dampers better than the predictive control law.
doi:10.38208/acp.v1.567 fatcat:mmpkmwbklrbs5kxgvj3l7ihaoy