Strategies to Improve Teacher-Student Interactions in Senior Schools in Western China

LIU Li-ping
2017 US-China Foreign Language  
Teacher-student interaction is the main interactive form in senior English teaching in China, however, the quality of which should be improved a lot. This paper, based on the author's prior investigation and research, discusses the strategies to improve teacher-student interactions from the theoretical and practical perspectives. The strategies are as the followings: emphasis on meaning-focused interaction, improvement of teachers' questioning strategies and encouragement of students'
more » ... students' initiation of questions, teachers' providing TL input, teacher development, the improvement in assessment systems, etc. This paper aims to make teacher recognize the importance and necessity of improving the quality of teacher-student interactions and do actions to promote students' learning and thinking abilities and the whole development as a human being. Keywords: teacher-student interaction, senior English teaching in Western China, strategies, form-focused interaction, teacher development * Acknowledgements: This paper is one of the research results of a teaching reform project in Center for Teacher Education Research at Sichuan Province: The Study of Cultivations on Pre-service Teachers of English Under Teacher Qualification Registration System (TER2014-009). LIU Li-ping, professor, M.A., School of Foreign Languages, Leshan Normal University.
doi:10.17265/1539-8080/2017.02.002 fatcat:lvsicka5mrg2hl5jim4ybt72yu