Photothermal Bleaching of Nickel Dithiolene for Bright Multi-colored 3D Printed Parts [post]

Adekunle Olubummo, Lihua Zhao, Aja Hartman, Tom Howard, Yan Zhao, Kyle Wycoff
2022 unpublished
HP's Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D printing technology utilizes a carbon-based radiation absorber called the "fusing agent" in combination with a near infrared (NIR) light source to facilitate the fusion of polymer powder in a layer-by-layer fashion to generate 3D parts. Most available carbon-based and NIR radiation absorbers have an intrinsic dark color, which as a result will only produce black/gray and dark colored parts. To create white and bright colored parts with MJF, a visibly transparent
more » ... d colorless radiation absorber is required. In this paper, we designed an activating fusing agent (AFA) that contains a red, strong NIR absorbing dye that can become colorless after harvesting irradiation energy during the MJF 3D printing process. Such a method will not only enable MJF 3D printing of white objects with good performance, but also provide a bright colored part when working with other color agents.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:qa7w6x3df5bsxf4rg3apa7zcny