Smoking Cessation Counselling: What Makes Her or Him a Good Counsellor? Can Counselling Technique Be Deduced to Other Important Lifestyle Counselling Competencies? [chapter]

Jürg Hamacher, Verena Vedder, Nadja Razavi, Markus Mohaupt, Ueli Moehrlen, Kurosch Purkabiri, Valentina Steppacher, Isabelle Zoss, Yalda Hadizamani, Roberto D'Amelio, Beat Künzi, Reto Auer (+8 others)
2018 Smoking Prevention and Cessation  
Smoking is a major health concern in both developed and developing countries. Smoking cessation counselling is of major importance for health care providers such as physicians, psychologists, nurses and many further therapeutic workers. We recently have demonstrated feasibility of a 4-hour "student-to-student course" (1 hour of scientific background and 3 hours of role plays and intervision) that provided knowledge, skills and attitude to smoking cessation counselling. A key question remains
more » ... question remains whether such knowledge, skills and attitude can be further deduced to key public health or lifestyle counselling areas like body weight management in overweight persons, management of addictions like alcohol and substance or situation (e.g., Internet and shopping) abuse, management of physical activity/exercise or lifestyle modification like workaholic lifestyle. The authors try to develop such a base for enabling patients to adapt healthier behaviour and give objectives for such counselling situations including the elaboration of clear therapeutic aims for counsellors.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.79596 fatcat:w2iza5ks2vax7iqdmrpjczz4yq