Open Perspectives on the Adoption of Cloud Computing: Challenges in the Brazilian Scenario [chapter]

Glauco Carneiro, Antonio Carlos de Paula
2017 I GranDSI-BR: Grandes Desafios da Pesquisa em Sistemas de Informação no Brasil para o período de 2016 a 2026  
Cloud computing is a paradigm shift in computing that has changed the way Information System users deal with and perceive computing. This scenario has created opportunities for companies that have manifested a perceived inclination toward cloud computing and the benefits reaped by them such as low start-up cost, pay only for services used, up-todate resources/features, and rapid deployment. However, there are challenges in the adoption of Cloud Computing, especially in the Brazilian scenario.
more » ... azilian scenario. Switching to the cloud means giving up incumbent information systems practices and facing the initial perception of losing control of data that previously had been stored in local servers. Moreover, potential adopters of Cloud Computing must face challenges related to identifying the appropriate profile of cloud services that match their needs, considering both the development of a new application or migrating a legacy system to the cloud.
doi:10.5753/sbc.2884.0.10 fatcat:bnlfy5t6jvb2jhgmbm7exvxrka