The Effects of Caricature-based Applications on the Preschool Children's Emotional Intelligence

2021 Eğitimde Nitel Araştırmalar Dergisi  
The main purpose of this study aims to investigate the effects of caricature-based applications on the emotional intelligence of preschool children. The working group of this study, which used dominant-less dominant mixed methods, consisted of two kindergartens in Tatvan district of Bitlis and 5-year-old children studying in these kindergartens. Data were collected using quantitative and qualitative data collection tools. The observation form prepared by the researchers was used for the
more » ... tive data and the semi-structured interview form was used for the qualitative data. In addition, citations were taken from the studies of children by document analysis. Firstly, normality test was performed for the analysis of quantitative data. At the end of the test, the data were subjected to the Mann-Whitney U test and Wilcoxon Signed Sequences Test. To determine the effect size of the experimental application, Cohen's d values were examined. In the analysis of qualitative data, descriptive and content analysis methods were used. For the reliability of the qualitative data, the data obtained were digitized and frequency and percentage calculations were made. As a result of the study, it was seen that the caricature-based applications contributed to the emotional intelligence of the children in the experimental group.
doi:10.14689/enad.26.9 doaj:7971fbe9da804877a8a644b3a6d91de2 fatcat:rxv6kbpsbfhuneufsinl23dgxq