Hypertension-the Silent Killer, Awareness of Risk Factors and Complications in Rohilkhand Region

Anoop Kumar, Abhishek Dwivedi, Ankit Chaturvdi, Rakesh Kumar
Hypertension is a major public health problem and an important area of research due to its high prevalence and being a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and other complications. The aim of the study is to evaluate awareness of risk factors and complications of hypertension among study subjects. Material and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted among 280 hypertensive patients out of 480 suspected patients coming to medicine OPD. Result: Out of 280 patients, majority
more » ... s, majority patient's age was less than 55 years i.e 64%. Female constitute majority of study population i.e. 61%. In our study people with BMI more than 25 more prone to hypertension. Majority of patients are illiterate i.e. 68.7%. Majority (89%) are aware that excess salt and lack of exercise constitute major risk for developing hypertension. Majority of patients among hypertensives were aware that they are more prone to heart (66.7%) followed by kidney damage (35.71%), brain damage (34.7%) and others (19%). Conclusion: Blood pressure is a modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular, kidney diseases and stroke.The awareness regarding hypertension is very poor amongst patients people. Through this study we identified areas of importance that need to be considered by awareness programmes. Masses should be educated on the risk factors, presenting features and complications of hypertension. This is possible through awareness programmes designed by health professionals and the government.