UF sub 6 cylinder overpack phenolic foam drop testing [report]

W. Strunk, C. Barlow
1989 unpublished
TJ ili 0 .a-. c '"11 5; rt 35 *< co vO 00 o rt P> d a* o s« to O w X *» ro g" O < o o H* <1 cn O 3 DIS CLA IME R This report was prepar ed as an accoun t of work sponso red by an agency of the United States Gover nment . Neithe r the United States Gover nment nor any agency thereo f, nor any of their employ ees, makes any warran ty, expres s or implie d, or assum es any legal liabilit y or respon si bility for the accura cy, comple teness, or usefuln ess of any inform ation, appara tus, produc
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doi:10.2172/5206346 fatcat:gbqhy73iuvcgtk62ebycx7qkvq