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2002 Comparative and Functional Genomics  
In this issue we report on important papers published from May to July, highlighting breakthroughs on several important genomes, including mouse, zebrafish, Fugu and Plasmodium. Other recent papers have reported on a mechanism for genome size reduction in Arabidopsis, comparisons and verifications of large-scale protein-protein interaction datasets, developments in RNA interference approaches for mammalian systems and a solid-phase peptide tagging method for proteomics. A mathematical analysis
more » ... f suppression subtraction hybridisation Chetan Gadgil et al. present a mathematical model of SSH based on DNA hybridization kinetics. They have used their model to assess the effects of various experimental parameters (such as mRNA abundance in the cDNA sample and the reaction time used) on the chances of detecting messages from different abundance classes, and on the number of false positives obtained, to facilitate optimisation of the approach. They also use the model to look at the best way to spike a sequence into the driver cDNA pool.
doi:10.1002/cfg.210 fatcat:4yem7bx62vhlhiric7gqwokory