Automatic configuration of cityscapes

Naomi Ando
2017 FME Transaction  
In this study, Japanese cityscapes in the Tokyo metropolitan district are depicted by using algorithmic computer graphic configurations. A numerical analysis of the three-dimensional configuration is performed to grasp the characteristics of its form. The distributions of the heights of the buildings in the city blocks are observed to be similar to a normal distribution. As random numbers based on a normal distribution can be generated using the mean and variance as parameters, it is possible
more » ... s, it is possible to generate the forms of cityscapes using computer graphics configurations. The planar shapes of buildings are able to be extracted from map data. Map data indicating the planar forms of buildings throughout Japan are provided by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan. However, the heights of buildings are not included in the map data. We attempt to generate cityscapes automatically. We reproduced the appearance of a cityscapes using this approach.
doi:10.5937/fmet1702283a fatcat:vtqsliuwxvhirl5a5n2qxcl47i