Индекс доходов муниципальных образований Башкортостана: проблемы расчета и анализа

Рим Марсович Валиахметов, Гузель Римовна Баймурзина, Салават Хисматович Кадыров
The article offers a method for calculating one of the composite indices of the integral indicator of human development-the income index for municipalities. As the initial data for calculating the index, the authors use the indicator of the volume of social payments to the population and taxable monetary income of the population by municipal and urban districts. The analysis of the results shows the adequacy of the proposed approach and the possibility of its application for all municipalities
more » ... all municipalities of the Russian Federation.
doi:10.34773/eu.2020.6.42 fatcat:an55umrxj5a6xgghkimu56mhym