The impact of process parameters on gold elimination from soldered connector assemblies

P.T. Vianco, A.C. Kilgo
2000 Soldering & surface mount technology  
Minimizing the likelihood of solder joint embrittlement in connectors is realized by reducing or eliminating retained Au plating and/or Au-Sri intermetallic compound formation from the assemblies. Gold removal is performed most effectively by using a double wicking process. When only a single wicking procedure can be used, a higher soldering temperature improves the process of Au removal from the connector surfaces and to a nominal extent, removal of Au-contaminated solder from the joint. A
more » ... er soldering time did not appear to offer any appreciable improvement toward removing the Au-contaminated solder from the joint. Because the wicking procedure was a manual process, it was operator dependent.
doi:10.1108/09540910010331400 fatcat:2xsqrvppbnduhpapzsntv5csni