Musical education or education through music? Transdisciplinary approach to the musical education of the adolescents

Mirela Larisa MATEI ROȘCA, National University of Music, Bucharest
2020 Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brașov. Series VIII, Performing arts  
Transdisciplinarity can be added as a way of reporting to the musical phenomenon in adolescent education. Starting from the transdisciplinary aim to form good citizens in the future, we will identify a certain way of thinking that integrates, responding to the need for meaning and restoring the balance between the physical, biological and spiritual nature for a future adult, a member responsible for societies that are in a continuous change. In the field of non-vocational Romanian public
more » ... anian public education, students access music through the classes of musical education, a subject under the auspices of the present cultural paradigm characterized by the lack of correlations and of a coherent vision upon the world and knowledge. The benchmarks offered by this approach helps to evaluate the role of the musical education in the present and in this context, offering new perspectives upon theory and practise.
doi:10.31926/ fatcat:gaxlhizjojcuxmvfkxntcbplgy