A Digital Image Confidentiality Scheme Based on Pseudo-Quantum Chaos and Lucas Sequence

Khushbu Khalid Butt, Guohui Li, Fawad Masood, Sajid Khan
2020 Entropy  
Several secure image encryption systems have been researched and formed by chaotic mechanisms in current decades. This work recommends an innovative quantum color image encryption method focused on the Lucas series-based substitution box to enhance the competence of encryption. The suggested encryption technique has more excellent key space and significant confidentiality. The chaotic system, along with the substitution box, exhibits additional complicated dynamical behavior, sufficient
more » ... iness, and uncertainty than all others focused on just chaotic models. Theoretical and simulation assessments show that the offered image encryption performs admirably, its traditional equivalents in terms by efficiency in terms of statistical analysis.
doi:10.3390/e22111276 pmid:33287044 fatcat:broqnupomrcwfldtlogb5tvaue